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Time To Begin... Again.

Chris Villasenor Announces Candidacy for City Council in Newcastle, WA

Hello all, I've been a dedicated and passionate resident of Newcastle for 18 years and am a current Newcastle City Councilmember. I am very excited to officially announce my candidacy for City Council in the November election. With a deep commitment to the community and a vision for a prosperous future, I'm seeking to add to the positive change I've made in the last two years on the council and continue to represent the voice of our residents.

As a long-time resident of Newcastle, I have witnessed the city's growth and understand the challenges and opportunities it faces. With a strong background in community engagement and public service, I reaffirm my commitment to make a meaningful impact on local governance and work towards a more inclusive and sustainable future for Newcastle.

Throughout my career as an executive IT professional, I have developed essential skills in collaboration, problem-solving, and effective communication. These skills, combined with a genuine desire to serve the community, have enabled me to effectively address the concerns and needs of Newcastle's residents.

The key priorities for my campaign include:

  1. Promoting Community Engagement: I recognize the importance of involving residents in decision-making processes. I will strive to enhance community engagement initiatives, foster open dialogue, and create platforms for residents to voice their opinions and concerns. It is also important to maintain our beloved community events: Newcastle Days, 4th of July, Newcastle Art Walk, Concerts in the Park, The Newcastle Softball Classic, and Lunar New Year for example. I will continue to support these events with my effort and participation.

  2. Ensuring Responsible Growth: Newcastle is experiencing rapid growth and development. I continue to be committed to managing growth responsibly, preserving the city's unique character, and ensuring that our infrastructure and services keep pace with the needs of the community. I am a strong proponent for Fiscal Sustainability to ensure that our city uses its money wisely.

  3. Advocating for Sustainability: As an advocate for a greener future, I aim to promote sustainable practices, champion environmental initiatives, and support renewable energy solutions to safeguard Newcastle's natural beauty and protect the environment for future generations.

  4. Enhancing Public Safety: I am dedicated to working closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of all residents. I support initiatives that enhance community policing efforts, address traffic concerns, and promote safer neighborhoods.

  5. Supporting Local Businesses: Recognizing the vital role of local businesses in Newcastle's economy, I will continue to promote local entrepreneurship, support efforts to attract new businesses to our community, and create an environment that fosters economic growth and prosperity.

I invite residents, community leaders, and local organizations to support my campaign to build a better Newcastle. Together, we can create a city that embraces diversity, cultivates a strong sense of community, and provides an exceptional quality of life for residents of all income levels.

To donate to support my campaign: Click Here or use the QR code below. Thank you!

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